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4th freebie 2 pack in the past few days. And this one is simple but fun. I included several examples I made from these using the standard 3D guardian robot model you see. 

Free HDRI for use in lighting 3D scenes. 

Let me help you build your library of options in your lighting.

What can you do using preshot lighting images? 

  • Product shots
  • Realistic composites
  • Fake pictures
  • UFO images....LOL (I need to do that as an example )
  • Add your extra lights to help the realism or to give it "your flair".

And there is so much more you can use these for!

The more options you have in lighting solutions the better your library of quick options!

The HDRI are in standard format available options for most 3D Packages. I offer several training videos on setting up HDRI within Maya and Arnold. Also, I offer a training course that uses the lighting within more packages such as ZBrush and multiple applications.

HDRI Lighting captures light color and intensity in greater detail from real-world locations for use in 3D environment lighting adding realism to your scenes.

These HDR files are captured using an insta 360 One X camera. This is of a slightly lesser quality than my regular HDRI which is captured using a full-frame Canon 5D Mark II. This is still a great quality image for capturing the lighting, but it lacks the sharpness and detail I prefer when rendering the lighting and using the visible background as a compositing type of background image. It's all what you make of it ....

For more HDRI sets look forward to the accompanying files I'll be releasing in the next few days.

And as always feel free to contact me and chat. All the social media links I use are accessible thru 

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2 HDRI files for lighting scenes in 3D apps

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