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Day 4 release - Video training! ( the first one I've made for here actually)

In this 10 minute tutorial video learn to add HDRI. 

And integrate your 3D model into an HDRI lighting scene!

  • Plus this tutorial is FREE. And it includes:
  •                    Start and finish maya files are included
  •                    The Free HDRI I used is included

And I would ask you to take note that within this super short amount of time 10 minutes you'll get right to the point of rendering your image!

Start your Downloading!

Would you like to know more? 

So lets talk a little now about Arnold and Autodesk. Maya dropped Arnold in as the new pro renderer solution in 2017 and now 3Dmax has it as well. I'll admit at first I thought WTH! But I took it upon myself to jump in and start learning Arnold and I've found I like it. So I'll cover how to get my HDRIs into Maya and Arnold and we will expand the training videos from there. I hope you like the fast nature and straight forward techniques I'm showing you in order to not waste yours or my time. After all I expect you'll need this if you want to get up to speed in a professional environment. 

Future planned videos you ask?

Well I'll do the same thing and tell you as concisely as I can how to get rendering quick in several more packages. Immediately as in TOMORROW, Hint Hint! I'll be releasing another video taking the rendering a little farther. 

Arnold Quick Lighting Setup Part 2

I'm probably going to cover Keyshot, and Vray next and I might cover each of these in both max and Maya. Maybe? It depends on the feedback I get. So speak up. 

Also regarding backstory.

 This isn't my first tutorial but I am still not claiming to know everything. But after doing 3D since 1996 I gotta know something.   

So if you see something add it in, call me, write me, send me a pigeon, whatever. I just want to spread the learning and talk 3d and lighting and VFX with like minded people. So yes, please do speak up. 

If your still reading this then hats off to you. I'm happy to see someone with patience and well you deserve something. How does $15 off the membership sound? 

Use this link,

And share it I don't mind it really does help me. And the more it helps me the more cool stuff I can spend time making for you! But when you share it you can tell your friend you "Read it all"! 


As always thank you so much for coming and taking my free stuff, I love it. If your a member I have to admit I love you way more though! lol

Yours in 3DVFX,

Garry Lewis - Kungfujackrabbit

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